Canceled Jeezy Concert In Courtroom

A hip-hop promoter in Charleston, W.Va., is suing West Virginia State University among others for a Young Jeezy concert that never took place.

Don Staples claims he and co-promoter Michael Hawkins, a WVSU student, were going to get Jeezy to perform at the school in August but the school canceled the concert after Staples paid a $35,000 artist guarantee. The West Virginia Board of Education and WVSU President Hazo Carter jr. are also named in the suit, according to West Virginia legal newspaper The Record.

Staples claims security and sound were already under contract when Hawkins told him the concert was canceled “due to abject fear by the University administration that it could not control its own students.”

Staples claims he lost more than $300,000 when the university allegedly pulled the plug. He went forward with a Jeezy concert in Morgantown Sept. 18 but claims $100,000 in costs garnered only $8,700 in ticket sales.

Staples is suing for breach of contract, willful and intentional injury, negligence and malicious injury, according to the Record.