Kinison’s Secret Daughter

Comedian Carl LaBove has filed a petition claiming his longtime friend, the late Sam Kinison, fathered a daughter with LaBove’s ex-wife.

The news comes to light as LaBove has moved to invalidate an agreement requiring him to make child support payments for the girl, who is now 21. As of 2009, LaBove reportedly owed $188,000 in back payments.

In court filings, the comedian claims he was not fully informed of his rights when he signed an agreement with his ex in 1998 that bound him to nearly 13 years of child support payments.

DNA tests submitted in court allegedly prove that while Kinison has a 99.8 percent chance of being related to the girl, the probability of LaBove being related to the girl is close to zero.

Not that LaBove is holding any grudges. He claims he’s long forgiven his friend and hopes that the girl will one day be able to benefit from Kinison’s estate.

A hearing is scheduled for March 29.