The Action Moves West

Luger is moving Where The Action Is from Stockholm, Sweden, to Gothenburg and staging it in the same park that hosts Way Out West.

The main problem with continuing in Stockholm was the state of the university campus site after last year’s festival suffered two days of continuous rain.

“I agree that it looked like shit but the ground was wet and there were 50,000 people walking over it during the course of two days. What else can you expect?” explained Luger chief Ola Broquist.

“Part of our agreement was to repair any damage to the site and we did that”, he explained, pointing out the reparation work cost 1 million kronor ($157,000).

The university site is part of the King of Sweden’s royal parks and gardens, similar to London’s Hyde Park in the UK, but Broquist doesn’t believe the refusal to allow the festival back was any sort of royal proclamation.

“I’ve always understood the King enjoyed having the festival, but we were dealing with the officials that run the parks and gardens,” he said.

When the local council in Gothenburg heard of what was happening regarding the Stockholm site, it was quick to offer Where The Action is a new home at Slottsparken.

“We’ve worked closely with the city of Gothenburg for many years with Way Out West. When the council showed an interest in Where The Action Is, it was an easy decision to move,” Broquist told Pollstar.

Although both festivals will be at Slottsparken, the layouts will be configured in such a way that they won’t actually be using the same ground.

The 25,000-capacity Way Out West is Aug. 11-13 and has so far confirmed Pulp, Robyn, Fleet Foxes, and Explosions In The Sky.
The similar-sized Where The Action Is will be June 28 and have a bill that includes Coldplay, Brandon Flowers, The Ark and Bright Eyes.

Apart from running the two Gothenburg festivals, Luger – sometimes in cahoots with parent company Live Nation – will also be booking the international acts on other Swedish outdoors including Peace & Love, Arvika, Putte I Parken, Storsjoyran, and Siesta.