Swift Blown Away By Asian Response

Taylor Swift received a long line of Universal Music executives backstage right before the final concert of her Asia tour last month in Hong Kong.

The executives presented her with platinum plaques for different regions in the area and for two albums, Fearless and Speak Now.
The latter, released last fall, has already been declared platinum in Taiwan, South Korea, Indonesia and the Philippines.

Afterward, Swift said she didn’t know about the platinum certifications until the executives had given her the plaques. “It really blew my mind,” she said.

In addition to Hong Kong, her Asian tour took her to Singapore, Seoul, Osaka, Tokyo and Manila.

“I have heroes who have taken country music internationally,” she said. “You have Garth Brooks and Shania Twain. They really did a lot for country music because they brought an awareness to it.

“The fact that I have the opportunity to do that, too, and go to other countries where I’ve never been before and play music – it’s what I’ve always dreamed of doing.”