Rock Stars, Decadence & Sheen

If Charlie Sheen was a rock star, which one would he be?

Martin Sheen’s youngest son sure has been headline material as of late. From tweeting about his former TV bosses, to boasting about his live-in “goddesses” to vids showing conspicuous consumption of intoxicating consumables, Sheen has been living life like, well, a rock star.

Photo: AP Photo
Leaving the Pitkin County Courthouse with his attorney Richard Cummins in Aspen, Colo.

But which rock star? We suspect that there might be someone in the music world who could match Sheen tweet for tweet and outrage for outrage, but who would it be? Sure, Keith Moon was a wild man back in the day, but the drummer for The Who didn’t have Twitter, Facebook or a zillion gossip blogs tracking his every move. Same goes for other musicians once known for extreme excess, say Keith Richards or Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler and Joe Perry during the ‘70s when music mags dubbed the pair the “toxic twins.”

If Sheen was a rock star, which one would he be? That is the question. But in this case we’re using “rock star” to identify a particular style of life rather than a musician performing within a specific musical genre. In other words, there can be country rock stars, hip-hop rock stars and even classical rock stars. At one time or another, artists from various musical food groups have unleashed their inner Charlie Sheen.

We’ve listed a few choices in the following survey. But feel free to add more possible Charlie Sheen rock star comparisons in the thread below.