Nederlander Loses Injury Lawsuit

A woman who attended a John Legend concert at Los Angeles’ Greek Theatre in 2009 has been awarded a $3.2 million verdict for injuries sustained near the venue and subsequent job loss and surgeries.

Denise Herron, a former L.A. Sparks marketing director, and her boyfriend were walking a dirt parking lot in Griffith Park and had two options to get to the venue – to walk a dirt road into oncoming traffic or to hop a two-foot fence, according to a statement from the prosecuting attorneys.

Herron and her boyfriend opted for the latter, following several other patrons in “pitch-black” darkness. There was a three-foot drop on the other side, according to the statement.

Herron has had four major surgeries, and a bone in her leg is still in two pieces, according to the statement. She lost her job because of her injury and faces 3-5 more surgeries, according to testimony.

The jury determined the parking lot was in dangerous condition and Nederlander Concerts failed to provide a safe walkway.

Nederlander directed Pollstar to its attorney for comment, who was not available at press time.