No Refuge For Oasis

A revived jazz concert series and awards show in San Diego never had the chance to make a comeback as organizers recently pulled the plug on the event amid reports of slow sales.

The Oasis Contemporary Jazz Awards, which was reportedly launched in 2000 and presented around the country for several years, was scheduled to return to San Diego March 10-13.

But just days before the show, organizers posted a statement on the Oasis website explaining the event was being canceled over dismal ticket sales.

“We advertised extensively on radio, online and in magazines,” the statement said. “We got generous support from the San Diego newspaper. We signed the biggest names in the business, almost 50 of them, and planned two exciting shows. And it fell flat. We sold barely 200 VIP Tickets and less than 50 individual tickets over a four month period.”

News of the cancellation was apparently slow to make it to performers and artists who were being honored at the show.

Bassist Nathan East told the San Diego Union-Tribune he returned from a tour abroad March 7 and had yet to hear about the cancellation.

“I just arrived in Los Angeles from Indonesia and this is news to me,” he said. “Wow! I have not been contacted by anyone (with Oasis) yet.”

News of refunds for those who purchased tickets has also been slow coming.

One fan told the paper she was concerned about language used in an e-mail from the organizer that stated Oasis would “make every attempt” to issue refunds.

“It seems like they’re hedging their bets,” she said.

An independently produced “In Concert for Cancer” benefit show, which was scheduled to take place during the Oasis jazz events, will still go on March 11.