Apparently Gallagher was experiencing trouble early in his performance last night at Rochester’s Whiskey Bones Roadhouse. Whiskey Bones owner Todd Powers told the Rochester Post-Bulletin that a fainting spell forced the comedian to leave the stage and lay down in a booth where he put cold towels on his head. Eventually feeling better, he returned to the stage to finish the performance.

But it wasn’t meant to be and Gallagher collapsed during his famed “Sledge-O-Matic” routine where he smashes various objects with a sledgehammer. He was taken to Saint Mary’s hospital where he is reported to be “stable and awake.” He will remain at the hospital for tests before going to the Mayo Clinic for further testing.

For those of you who enjoy watching a 64-year-old man suddenly collapse, a video of the incident was posted on gossip site TMZ.

Because of the incident, shows scheduled for March 11-12 at Zanies in Vernon Hills, Ill., are canceled but all other dates on Gallagher’s itinerary are expected to take place as scheduled.

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