Intellitix Takes RFID To Coachella

Serge Grimaux’s new company will supply radio frequency identification technology to make it quicker and easier for fans to enter this year’s Coachella Festival in California April 15-17.

Last year the Ticketpro chief launched Intellitix to develop an access control system for major events such as festivals and stadium shows.

It made its debut at last summer’s Festival d’Été de Québec in Canada, which sold 150,000 wristbands for an 11-day line-up that included Arcade Fire, Black Eyed Peas, Santana, Rammstein and Iron Maiden.

“During the 11 days of the event we validated the admission of more than 750,000 patrons without a glitch, system down, data lost, or anything else,” Grimaux told Pollstar.

Intellitix provides access control and related services to event organizers. It’s compatible with any ticketing system servicing the event. Ticketmaster has sold this year’s Coachella tickets.

Fans find it easier to enter the festival grounds because there’s no physical barriers such as gates or turnstiles.

Those going to this year’s festival will wear a wristband with RFID technology that emits its own, unique frequency. The wristband will allow fans to enter the site, as well as have access to specific areas such as camping.

“RFID technology will allow festival organizers to perfectly control the access of the event site in a non-invasive manner for the fans,” Grimaux explained. “It is not only a new technology, it is an absolutely new approach to crowd management.”

Grimaux, whose Prague-based Ticketpro empire is steadily expanding across Europe, has based Intellitix in Montreal, Canada.