Dre Suit Dropped

The Michigan Supreme Court has dismissed a lawsuit against Dr. Dre filed by several Detroit officials following a concert in 2000.

During a conversation backstage the night of the show, city councilman Gary Brown and other officials reportedly told organizers the plug would be pulled on the concert if they played a sexually explicit video at Joe Louis Arena. The conversation was filmed and later included on a DVD of Dr. Dre’s “Up In Smoke” tour.

Brown and Co. had argued that including the conversation in the DVD violated their privacy. However, the court found the officials had no right to privacy when confronting the organizers.

Herschel Fink, an attorney for Dr. Dre, argued that the officials had no right to privacy because the police were already doing their job at the concert. Prior to the show, Fink had successfully sued the city over the right to play the sexually explicit video.