Idaho Gun Law Debate

School officials say a proposed bill that would allow firearms on college campuses would result in big-time revenue losses should concerts, sports and other events take their business elsewhere. Not so, according to those backing the bill.

Bruce Newcomb, Boise State University director of government affairs, claims passing such a law could cause events like the NCAA men’s basketball tournament or the scheduled 2012 NCAA Division I men’s and women’s indoor track and field championships to seek alternative locations.

University and college officials at BSU, University of Idaho, Lewis-Clark State College and smaller college campuses already have a no-weapons policy in place for events at venues such as the 13,390-capacity Taco Bell Arena at BSU.

But Rep. Marv Hagedorn, a co-sponsor of the current legislation, disagrees there will be a negative outcome from the law.

“My question would be to Boise State: How do they know people aren’t carrying guns there now? None of these venues have metal detectors,” Hagedorn said. “They don’t say to the visitors or ticket-holders, ‘Don’t bring your guns because this is a gun-free zone.’
“I have never seen anything. I have carried to a lot of those venues. I did not know the policy nor did I see any signs.”

The bill was reportedly passed by the Idaho House March 16 and moves on to the Senate.