Midi Announces Lineup

The Midi Music Festival has announced its initial lineup for the Shanghai shows May 6-8 at Shanghai Pudong Century Park.

Among the foreign artists slated to appear are Mr. Big from the U.S., Mongol800 and Good 4 Nothing from Japan, Kartsy and Moon Cakes from Finland, Hibria from Brazil, Gammalux from Germany, Woodpigeon and Your Favorite Enemies from Canada, and Mya Audrey from Switzerland.

In other Shanghai news, China Music Radar reported on the “soft opening” of the new Mao Livehouse March 18.

CMR says that the renovation to the old venue “is really nice,” even though it’s “actually a bit smaller” than the previous club, with a lower ceiling and a wider stage.

And though the location is more central, it’s “further from the centre of live music operations” in the city.