One answer to who is going to develop the next generation of touring artists was unveiled along with the Whooznxt network at SxSW.

This groundbreaking media platform provides key tools for new artist’s development along with what all artists need — real world exposure from live gigs, radio and television.

Each month Whooznxt tracks the bands that have added the most new fans across all of the social networks. Those who have added the most new fans are given the opportunities to play gigs.

Asking Alexandria, a hard rock band from the U.K., was identified by Whooznxt as a group that had added over 90,000 fans while at SxSW and the band is now being rewarded with an April 11 appearance on “Jimmy Kimmel Live.”….. one of the gigs available on the Whooznxt platform.

One of the keystones of Whooznxt is the creation of an entry-level club network to nurture and reward developing artists while providing clubs with free programming on off-nights. Check back next week for more details.