State Bridge Reborn

A Bond, Colo., venue with a storied past that burned to the ground in 2007 is being resurrected in time for the summer season.

The new State Bridge Amphitheatre will replace the historic State Bridge Lodge that in its lifetime was used as a stagecoach stopping station, a hunting lodge for the likes of Teddy Roosevelt and a speakeasy during prohibition before becoming a music venue.

Construction is under way on a 500-capacity boutique outdoor amphitheatre and stage, according to the Vail Daily, and talent buyer Scotty Stoughton told the paper the new venue will house more than just concerts.

“The goal is to take State Bridge from being just a concert venue, where people would come out, enjoy music and have drinks, and elevate it,” Stoughton said. “That will always be a part of State Bridge, but we don’t want to focus on that. Our long term success relies on making this an adventure center, with all types of different activities.”

Some of those activities include festivals, corporate events, yoga retreats and guided trips.

In addition to the new amphitheatre, bathrooms and cabins near the site have been remodeled. Stoughton said a deal with the Bureau of Land Management to lease campground east of the property will provide visitors with new accommodations for walk-in camping, family spots and car camping.

State Bridge opens its doors May 28-30 for the Camp Out For the Cause music festival. A grand reopening party is scheduled June 10-12 featuring Leftover Salmon.