2 Live’s Luther Campbell For Mayor

Luther Campbell, leader of 2 Live Crew, is as serious as he wants to be when it comes to running for mayor of Miami, Fla.

“Most people think it’s some kind of a joke,” Campbell told NBC, “but I don’t take my community as a joke.”

Campbell, 50, grew up in the Miami neighborhood of Liberty City and, as NBC noted, likely single-handedly put Miami hip-hop on the map with songs like “Me So Horny” and “We Want Some P****.”

“I’m chanting, ‘Hey, we want some … votes!’” Campbell told NBC, laughing. “That’s my new thing now.”

His platform includes attracting new business, making housing projects safer and a tax on strippers.

“I got faith in South Florida,” Campbell said. “All the folks in South Florid know my story and know that I’m a businessman and not just Luke of the 2 Live Crew.”

Campbell was interviewed by the Miami Herald associated radio station WLRN: