Cullen Returns To SHB

After spending five years as sales and project leader for Danish sound and lighting company All Stage, Steve Cullen is back at the Esbjerg office of Søren Højberg Booking.

In May 2006 he ended a 12-year stint as the company’s leading promoter for international acts because he’d done the same job in the same place for more than a decade and he was beginning to enjoy it less.

“I’ve decided to take a break and a fresh look at things, while I’ve got my batteries on re-charge,” he told Pollstar at the time.

He’s now returned to the same job and is looking to expand SHB’s reach by organising tours throughout Scandinavia.

He’ll also be looking at international acts for Odense 60’er Rock 2011 May 28 and Esbjerg Rock Festival June 18.