Guns On Campus Passed

The Arizona House approved a bill that will allow guns to be carried on college and university campuses despite opposition from administrators and law enforcement.

The bill would require community colleges and universities to allow concealed and openly carried weapons on public rights of way such as public roads and nearby sidewalks but not inside buildings or classrooms, according to the Arizona Republic.

A previous version of the bill would have allowed registered gun owners to carry firearms inside any public building, including on-campus arenas.

Proponents say the bill will make campuses safer but detractors say allowing firearms on campus could lead to violence.

Meanwhile, a companion bill has cleared the Senate as well. It next goes to Gov. Jan Brewer, who can sign, veto, or do nothing and allow it to become law.

Idaho officials proposed a similar bill mid-March that would allow firearms on college campuses. Detractors said allowing the bill to pass could cause schools to lose money when concerts, sports or other event promoters took their business to safer environments.