Afroman Sued On 4/20

Afroman, best known for his song “Because I Got High,” is being sued for failing to appear at an April 9 concert at The Patio in Columbus, Ohio. The lawsuit was filed April 20.

“The irony of the filing date of this lawsuit is not lost on me. I went to college,” plaintiffs attorney Matt Crumpton said in a statement. Not only was the irony not lost on the prosecuting attorney, his firm released a press release about it.

“We set a date and signed a contract. I even sent the deposit to Afroman himself, right away. They must have just forgotten about our show,” concert promoter Nathan Pettry said in a statement.

Pettry and Patio owner Wallace Entertainment are seeking a yet-to-be-determined amount to compensate for the deposit, promotion expenses, lost profits and cost of ticket refunds.