One Offs

The former Rodeo Drive headquarters for William Morris has been sold for $42 million to a Santa Monica, Calif., investment trust

The recent Talladega Superspeedway NASCAR race in Alabama had a few adjustments, including the use of banners to block off about 12,000 empty seats, letting fans bring in larger coolers and offering a lower-priced ticket package

Coolio didn’t get good reviews at a recent show at The Lounge in Minneapolis, reportedly rambling on stage and at one point calling himself “the black Charlie Sheen”

Michael Ovitz and partners have reportedly reached an agreement to sell a property they own – the Live Nation headquarters in Beverly Hills, Calif. – for $20 million to $25 million

Ticket scalping is not just for live entertainment and sports: according to the Fresno Bee, it’s big business to resell reservations and permits to national parks, especially Yosemite

All joking aside about Rebecca Black and “Friday” because police are investigating two death threats against the 13-year-old.