Paul Stanley Says ‘Turn It Down’

Paul Stanley knows what he’s talking about when he tells folks to protect their hearing. The KISS guitarist/vocalist has had hearing problems all his life.

Photo: Scott Legato
Paul Stanley

During a recent interview with Fox News’ Dr. Manny Alvarez, Stanley talked about living with a deformity of the outer ear called microtia that for him means he was born without an ear canal in his right ear.

Turns out the KISS co-founder was never able to hear through that ear until 10 years ago when a new device described as a “bone conduction unit” entered his life. Now he uses the device daily and can turn it off and on whenever he pleases.

Of course when you go through life being able to hear only out of one ear, you’re very protective about your hearing. In Stanley’s case that means limiting exposure to loud sounds, including his band’s music, saying you should keep the volume on personal players turned down to around 60 percent.

The KISS-man also recommends using ear plugs when going to concerts or nightclubs as well as choosing headphones over earbuds because the latter plugs directly into ears.

“You can never get back what you lose. Especially with hearing,” Stanley said, adding, “It’s not uncool to protect your hearing. It’s not uncool to protect your health.”

Photo: Bobby Talamine /
United Center, Chicago, Ill.

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