Only At GagaVille

Lady Gaga has turned to Farmville for her latest song launches.

The pop star has created a neighboring farm on the Facebook game called “GagaVille” and it will be the first place where anyone can hear her latest singles from Born This Way.

Players have to complete tasks (picking strawberries?) to hear one exclusive new track per day May 17-19.

Additional songs that aren’t exclusive can be unlocked over the following three days. The album drops May 23.

It’s the first time game maker Zynga has received exclusive tracks from an artist in a game and the first time it’s created a whole farm devoted to an artist.

The company is also giving away a download of the full album to fans who buy $25 game cards through Best Buy. Buyers will also be entered into a drawing to attend Lady Gaga’s next video shoot and get a virtual unicorn to decorate their farms.