A Sort Of Floyd Reunion

Former Pink Floyd members Nick Mason and David Gilmour joined bandmate Roger Waters onstage during “The Wall Live” at London O2 Arena May 12.

Gilmour stepped up to play guitar on “Comfortably Numb,” then Mason later came on to play “Outside the Wall,”, which closed the show.
It’s only the second time the three surviving members of Floyd have been onstage together since Waters left the act acrimoniously in 1985, which started a spat with Gilmour over use of the act’s name. Gilmour won and the group continued without Waters for more than a decade.

The first reunion came six years ago at Live 8 in London’s Hyde Park, although last August Waters and Gilmour appeared together in Oxfordshire at a benefit for the Hoping Foundation, which looks to provide hope and optimism for the next generation of Palestinians.

Although some fan sites are reporting Gilmour’s appearance was to return the favour Waters had done by playing the benefit, having Mason on stage as well will no doubt start global speculation about the three of them doing a reunion tour.

The speculation may appear to be given a little more substance by the fact Mason is already doing interviews on the mammoth Pink Floyd reissue programme that EMI announced a couple of days before the London get-together.

Waters has reportedly said he has nothing against a short reunion tour, but Gilmour has already posted a note on his fan site making it clear The O2 show was a one-off.

“I should also remind you that tonight is most definitely a one-off. David is not repeating his special guest performance at a later occasion, I’m sorry to disappoint those of you with fingers crossed and tickets for later shows,” it said.