More Twitter Trouble For Love

Courtney Love must not have learned how much damage can be done on Twitter when she settled a lawsuit over defamatory tweets earlier this year.

Loves finds herself in yet another legal tangle over Twitter – this time from a group of former lawyers for the singer who allege she defamed them on the microblogging site after they asked that she remain sober while the firm was representing her.

Love sought out the San Diego law firm of Gordon & Holmes in 2009 to represent her in a fraud case related to the estate of her late husband, Kurt Cobain.

Photo: AP Photo
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At the time, the suit says, the firm agreed to take her on as a client on condition of “Love refraining from any and all substance abuse for at least the duration of plaintiffs’ and Love’s attorney-client relationship.” But Gordon & Holmes had trouble verifying Love’s sobriety and tensions reportedly mounted. She fired the firm and hired a new lawyer.

When Love attempted to return to Gordon & Holmes after she became dissatisfied with her attorney, the firm refused, citing “the lack of any indication Love would honor the condition to refrain from substance abuse.”

That’s when Love took to the Twitterverse, writing, “I was fucking devastated when Rhonda J. Holmes Esq of San Diego was bought off,” the complaint says.

Gordon & Holmes also claim the singer said in a print interview with the New York Post that Holmes had stopped taking Love’s calls and disappeared after someone “got to her.”

The suit raises charges including libel, invasion of privacy and intentional interference with economic advantage, and the firm is seeking general, special and punitive damages, court costs and attorney’s fees.