But all that 360 fun isn’t limited to Lee. Each night the drummer is selecting a fan from the audience to join him in his topsy-turvy world.

You gotta admit, it keeps people in their seats during the “drum solo” – two words that usually send veteran concert aficionados scrambling for the beer lines and restrooms.

Evidently Lee feels the same way.

“This idea came about when I was a kid going to concerts,” Lee said in a statement. “Whenever the drummer started his drum solo, I wondered why people would leave to go get a beer, buy a T-shirt, restroom, whatever. I wanted to show people what happens behind the drumset, so I decided to expose it all by flipping the drums vertical, upside-down, making them disappear and fly over the audiences’ heads.”

Lee also said performing upside down isn’t necessarily a cakewalk.

“By the way,” Lee added. “It’s really f***ing difficult playing while on this ride.”

Mötley Crüe’s next show is tonight in San Antonio at the AT&T Center. For more information, click here for the band’s website.