Toad’s To Close Again

The famous Toad’s Place in New Haven, Conn., will temporarily close its doors once again following charges stemming from two underage-drinking incidents at the club.

Connecticut’s Department of Consumer Protection suspended the club’s liquor license from Aug. 1-5 as punishment for the incidents, according to the New Haven Independent, and Toad’s was also fined $5,000.

Inspectors found two underage drinkers in the club in October and another minor told police he’d been drinking at the bar less than one week after the incident, a spokeswoman for the department told the paper.

This isn’t the first time Toad’s has closed its doors over liquor law troubles.

The bar shuttered for 90 days in 2007 and paid a $90,000 fine for a reported 90 counts of sales of alcohol to a minor.