Morgan Returns To Stage, Offends Again

Tracy Morgan has resumed his standup comedy tour after a well-publicized flap over anti-gay remarks made at a Ryman Auditorium gig and is already catching new flak.

He’s now being criticized for jokes about “retarded kids” and “cripples” made at his comeback show at Caroline’s in New York City June 25. It was his first concert since returning to Nashville to apologize in person.

While he may not have suggested he would murder his own child for being physically or mentally challenged, the comedian is under fire again.

After denying he is homophobic and claiming his father was the lead singer of the Village People, he told the crowd not to “mess with women who have retarded kids.”

“Them young retarded males is strong,” he said. “They’re strong like chimps.”

According to the New York Times, he then went into a bit about dating a girl he called “a cripple” with a dialysis machine, mechanical larynx and prosthetic arm, while groans could reportedly be heard from the crowd.

The Arc, a Washington, D.C.-based nonprofit advocacy group serving people with developmental disabilities, has demanded an apology, according to TMZ.