Le Bon’s vocal troubles began in mid May when laryngitis forced the band to push back the beginning of its European tour. More dates were postponed by the end of May and now the band is saying the tour may not resume until later this year or sometime in 2012.

An announcement on Duran Duran’s website said doctors believe Le Bon damaged the muscles controlling his vocal cords during a gig in Cannes, France, in early May. Although doctors expect Le Bon to make a complete recovery, no one is sure as to when that will happen, resulting in the band postponing its remaining dates until the singer is ready to belt out “Hungry Like The Wolf” once again.

Duran Duran also wants you to know that this is only the second time in the band’s 30-year career that it has had to move a number of shows for medical reasons. So give ‘em an “A” for effort.

Supporting the new album All You Need Is Now, Duran Duran was to begin its Euro tour in Dublin, Ireland, July 14 and stay on the road through Sept. 12 when the band rolled into Paris, France. Stops needing to be rescheduled include London, Munich, Milan, Istanbul, Tel Aviv, Vienna, Warsaw, Oslo, Copenhagen and Brussels.

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