Government Gaga

Despite a lawsuit filed in the U.S. alleging that Lady Gaga had pocketed proceeds from her We Pray for Japan bracelets, all of which were supposed to go to help victims of the March 11 disaster, her appearance in Japan the weekend of June 25 was a huge PR success.

Ostensibly in the country to perform at a special MTV Japan fundraiser, Gaga appeared on numerous variety and news television shows, where she assured the world that Japan was a wonderful and safe place to visit.

The appearances even sparked a movement to “educate” older people about her music and philosophy.

She was officially thanked by the government for her contributions to the relief efforts and tourism in general, which has suffered mightily since the disaster.

The following weekend, Gaga did some promotion in Taiwan, where she promised an Asian tour sometime in 2012 that may include mainland China.