Inmate IDs B.I.G. Killer

A federal prison inmate has come forward with new allegations in the more than decade-old investigation into the shooting death of rapper Notorious B.I.G.

Clayton Hill, a former Nation Of Islam member who is working on a forthcoming e-book, told that he met another NOI member in 1997 who bragged of his involvement in the murder.

“[Dawoud Muhammad] stated to me that he was on the run for the murder [of the Notorious B.I.G.],” Hill wrote in an e-mail to HipHopDX. “He disclosed that he was the shooter of Notorious B.I.G. because he (Dawoud) was a former Blood gang member and was paid to do so.”

Following a request from the site, Hill examined a magazine featuring photos of two suspects in the case – Amir Muhammad and David Mack.

“I have looked at the pics in the mag,” he wrote. “And although I cannot say conclusively and with absolute certainty because that was 14 years ago, Amir Muhammad looks like the person who used the name Dawoud.”

Hill claims he picked up the man he knew as Dawoud Muhammad at a Greyhound bus station in Atlanta in May of 1997 upon instruction from a regional minister of the NOI and retrieved a gun from Muhammad, which was then delivered to NOI officials.

Hill, who is currently serving time in Chicago on charges of fraud and identity theft, also claims he previously disclosed his account of the incident to a U.S. attorney and two F.B.I. agents during a meeting in October 2010. A source reportedly close to the matter confirmed to HipHopDX that the meeting did take place.