LN Dropped From Rights Suit

A lawsuit alleging Live Nation and Hanover Township, Pa., violated the constitutional rights of a girl attending a 2008 show at then-Post-Gazette Pavilion has been tossed by a federal judge.

The suit was filed in Pennsylvania’s Western District Court by Gene Cahill on behalf of his teenage daughter who was leaving a concert at the shed when she got into an altercation with police officer Julius Zoller resulting in an arrest on charges of disorderly conduct.

Cahill claimed his daughter was the victim of excessive police force and accused the Pittsburgh-area township of insufficiently training its officers. Zoller claimed Lindsay Cahill was talking on her cellphone, blocking traffic and used abusive language when asked to move out of the way, according to the Observer-Reporter newspaper.

Judge Terrence McVerry dismissed Live Nation and Hanover Township from the suit, which stands against officer Zoller, because the officers were not employees but independent contractors providing security.

“In order to survive summary judgment, plaintiff must at least offer some evidence that the alleged custom or practice of violatin citizens’ constituional rights involve more than a few isolated incidents by one or two inferior officers,” the local Observer-Reporter quoted McVerry as writing.