Knowles Denies Stealing From Beyoncé

When Beyoncé and father/manager Mathew Knowles parted ways in March, it appeared to be an amicable split. On July 11, Knowles filed a petition in a Houston court indicating it may have been anything but.

According to the papers filed in Harris County District Court by Knowles, Beyoncé fired her dad because Live Nation allegedly told her he “had stolen money from Beyoncé on her most recent tour or otherwise taken funds that [he] was not entitled to,” TMZ reported.

Beyoncé’s legal team then conducted an audit that concluded Knowles had indeed helped himself to his daughter’s piggy bank, the website reported. Knowles denies improperly taking money from her.

But now, Knowles wants to depose Live Nation execs to learn if the company orchestrated his firing in order to take control of his daughter’s 2011 world tour, according to the Houston Chronicle, as well as if Beyoncé was paid to dump her dad and sign with a manager said to be close to Live Nation.

It could get messy, because Knowles wants not only information about Live Nation’s relationship with Beyoncé, but that of her husband, Shawn Carter. Jay-Z has a 360 deal with Live Nation and formed an entertainment partnership, Roc Nation, with the company.

Knowles is said to be especially interested in finding out who told Beyoncé he took money he wasn’t entitled to and if Live Nation had a role in his termination, according to the Chronicle. The information, according to the filing, would help determine if there are grounds for a future lawsuit.