Peace & Love Still Breaks Records

Peace & Love broke its attendance record for the fourth time in a row and confirmed that it’s Sweden’s biggest festival.

After selling all 40,000 tickets in advance in 2008, it expanded its capacity a little to do nearly 42,000 per day the following year, did a little more than that in 2010, and it’s now set a new record by doing 45,000 per day.

The event started at Borlänge, near the centre of southern Sweden, in 2009. It’s grown steadily as other older major Swedish festivals have fallen by the wayside and the newer challengers have failed to match it.

The acts on this year’s bill June 28 to July 2 included Kings Of Leon, Bob Dylan, 30 Seconds To Mars, Ziggy Marley, Paolo Nutini, Deadmau5, The Ark, Social Distortion, and Teddybears.