Legend Nicked Song, Writer Claims

John Legend’s “Maxine’s Interlude,” from his 2006 album Once Again, is the subject of a copyright infringement suit filed in U.S. District Court of New Jersey-Newark by local songwriter Anthony Stokes.

He claims Legend nicked lyrical and musical elements of a demo tape he gave the singer in 2004.

Stokes alleges he approached Legend after a college show and asked him to listen to his copyrighted recording of a tune called “Where Are You Now.” The singer allegedly agreed and, when Legend’s record was later released, Stokes recognized significant elements of “Maxine’s Interlude” as being his own.

“We are confident that we can prove the two required elements of copyright infringement: first that Mr. Legend had access to Mr. Stokes’ copyrighted work, and, second, that substantial musical and lyrical similarity exist between the two compositions,” Stokes attorney Louis Tambaro said in a statement.

“We have reached out to Sony and Mr. Legend’s representation directly several times in order to attempt to amicably resolve this matter; however, our good faith efforts have been rebuffed. The only alternative with which we are left is to litigate.”

Here’s are links to both songs:

Maxine’s Interlude

Where Are You Now