U2 Selling The Claw

U2 closes out its long-running 360 tour on July 30 but the band’s hoping the tour’s massive “claw” stages will find a new purpose through a sale of the structures.

But just what can be done with such a massive piece of metal? U2 and Co. have come up with a few ideas to re-engineer and recycle the Mark Fisher creation.

Possible uses for the stage include a new life as an amphitheatre, where the claw could provide a large covered stage area without wings; as a civic plaza, with the claw accommodating up to 2,800 people under cover; as an exhibition hall, where multiple floors could be fitted into the structure; or even as a bio dome or conservation lab.

The claw, which is transportable and can be installed quickly, was designed to support up to 185 tons and engineered to withstand high winds while sustaining seismic loads.

More information including renderings of the structure is available at panthermanagement.com/theclaw/.