Tax Man Cometh For Violinist

Akiko Suwanai, one of Japan’s most popular concert violinists, has been cited by Tokyo tax authorities for underreporting her income between 2005 and 2009.

During that period, Suwanai filed tax returns describing income in Japan for domestic concert appearances and CD sales but did not report for activities abroad, which the tax office assessed to be 70 million yen ($884,000). Some media sources say the amount is closer to 90 million yen.

The back taxes and penalties on this income amounts to 30 million yen, which Suwanai has said she will pay.

Many high-profile Japanese who maintain foreign addresses as their “main abodes” have in recent years been targeted by Japanese tax officers, who claim the only purpose of the addresses is to avoid taxes in Japan.

Suwanai has a home in Paris but does not claim it as her main tax address.