Dallas HOB Still There

For the second time in less than a year, the media has reported that the Dallas House of Blues building is for sale and, for the second time, Live Nation has clarified the report.

The Dallas Business Journal reported July 18 that the HoB building was up for grabs for $18.5 million. A similar report came out last year stating the House of Blues was being sold for $19 million. Live Nation told Pollstar it was the property – as in real estate – that was for sale and it meant only that Live Nation would write its lease check to a different landlord.

The owner of the House of Blues says nothing’s different about the latest report. The House of Blues resides in a structure, known as the historic White Swan Building, built in 1913 and Live Nation has put in more than $11 million in improvements but it is still a tenant of that building.

“We have a lease with renewal rights through 2027 and we plan on continuing to bring great music, food and entertainment to the Dallas community as long as we are here,” a Live Nation spokeswoman told Pollstar. “The owners have the right to sell the property, however we will continue operating with business as usual regardless of the change in ownership of the property.”