Emerson, Pikos Retire

Mike Emerson, technical manager at Sydney’s Acer Arena, has retired after nine years because of health issues.

The venue’s GM, Paul Sergeant, remarked, “Mike came to Acer Arena in 2002 and has been instrumental in keeping the reputation of the arena on the world stage through his innovative ideas and ‘no fuss’ attitude that endeared many of world’s greatest touring acts to the venue.”

Michael Cox will replace Emerson. Cox worked at Acer Arena from 1999-2005 before stints at the Commonwealth Games and the State Sports Centre in Sydney Olympic Park. He returned in 2008 to work under Emerson.

Gold Coast nightclub owner Mick Pikos is getting out of the game. The one-time Olympic wrestler wants to do some traveling, and announced that his family will take over the Bourbon Bar and Crazy Horse nightspots.