A fight between “American Idol” creator Simon Fuller and “X Factor” creator Simon Cowell that hit the court system in Britain is replaying in the States.

Fuller has filed suit against the people behind “X Factor.” Overseas, where versions of both shows originated, Fuller claimed “X Factor” was so similar to “American Idol” that Cowell, a former judge on the latter television show, breached his contract.

Now Fuller is taking Fox Television and FremantleMedia to task in Los Angeles Superior Court. Fox, which has broadcast “American Idol,” and FremantleMedia, which produces the show, wear the same hats for the upcoming version of “X Factor.” Fuller claims that in 2005, he got both parties to agree in writing that if “X Factor” hit American soil, he would get an executive producer credit plus compensation for the “striking similarities” between the two shows.

“In order to induce Fuller to give up his valuable claims in litigation, FremantleMedia North America Inc. contractually promised that when ‘X Factor’ aired in the United States, Fuller would receive an executive producer credit on ‘X Factor’ and would be paid an executive producer fee for ‘X Factor’ ‘commensurate with his duties and stature in the entertainment industry,’” the complaint reads.

Fuller deems the defendants’ refusal to acknowledge the agreement to be “particularly malicious” because without Fuller’s 2005 agreement “the show would not be able to be broadcast in the United States at all.”

Fox and FreMantleMedia quickly issued a statement that Fuller’s claim was without merit and “we expect to prevail.”

Fuller attorney Dale Kinsella called foul.

“Fox’s position that Fuller’s claim lacks merit because the parties have not ‘approved’ him as executive producer is absurd,” Kinsella said in a statement. “Fox is contractually obligated to approve Fuller as executive producer and compensate him accordingly, and it is because of the breach of the 2005 binding agreement that the case was filed. Fox appears to be admitting openly that they have failed to honor the contract terms.”

Fox has announced “X Factor” debuts Sept. 21.