HotStar: Mac Miller

Mac Miller has been running up some impressive stats for an artist whose debut album has yet to drop.

The 19-year-old rapper from Pittsburgh has 700,000 followers on Twitter, 950,000 followers on Facebook and his song “Donald Trump” already has more than 20 million views on YouTube.

“Every record label there is wants to sign the guy,” Peter Schwartz, his rep at The Agency Group, told Pollstar. “It’s an amazing thing that’s happening to him.”

About this time last year, Schwartz talked to us about another up-and-comer on his roster named Wiz Khalifa. The rapper wasn’t getting a lot of national attention at the time, but Schwartz laid out an impressive case that Khalifa was about to break wide open. And he did. Miller has even better numbers, Schwartz says.

“It’s eerie how similar the timing is.”

The agent put Miller into 400-capacity rooms in September. Using the same touring strategy as Khalifa, Miller then did multiple regional runs, upping the capacity to 700.

“We did spot dates with Wiz through the end of the year, then did a headlining plan starting in January. At that time, Miller sold out almost every single venue. … “We were blowing them out, one after the next.”

Miller’s core demographic is 13-year-olds to college age, and spring was spent on the road with Khalifa on the “Green Carpet Campus Consciousness Tour,” averaging 4,500 per show, Schwartz said. By May, Miller’s Milwaukee show was upgraded to the Eagles Ballroom, selling out 4,000 tickets in advance.

“There are indications of big things popping here,” Schwartz said, adding that Miller sold out nine of his 10 Canadian dates, including two nights at Toronto’s Kool Haus with 4,800 paid in advance.

Up next is a 17-date European tour. Then, he returns stateside Sept. 21 for a 70-city headlining tour that coincides with the release of his Blue Slide Park.