Krautrock Legend Dies

Conrad Schnitzler, formerly a keyboard player with Tangerine Dream, died of stomach cancer Aug. 4.

Schnitzler, 74, was one of the earliest originators of German music genre Kosmiche, commonly known as Krautrock to English-speaking audiences, an almost ambient electronic sound.

After leaving Tangerine Dream in 1970, Schnitzler continued in the same musical vein by spending a year with Kluster, which he co-founded, and then Eruption.

Before his death, Schnitlzer shipped his own hairs to various places around the world as part of the Global Living Project.

Those who wish to pay tribute to him can visit these remains at nine different locations across the globe, including Mt. Fuji, the Fairy Glen at Sefton Park in Liverpool, and Nordkapp, Norway.