Bareilles Announces $10 Tickets Benefiting Stage Collapse Victims

Sara Bareilles has set aside a block of seats for her Aug. 30 Boston gig at the Bank Of America Pavilion with all proceeds going to help victims of the tragic stage collapse at the .

Bareilles had just completed her performance at the state fair’s grandstand stage in Indianapolis Saturday night when the weather took a turn for the worst, resulting in a freak gust of wind that local officials attribute for causing the stage collapse that killed five people and injured more than four dozen attendees. The catastrophe occurred only minutes before Sugarland was to take the stage.

Photo: Joseph Foley
Performing on the Indiana State Fair’s Grandstand Stage shortly before it collapsed.

Bareilles is working with Boston radio station WMBX to provide the tickets in return for $10 donations with all proceeds going to the Central Indiana Community Foundation/Indiana State Fair Remembrance Fund. Click here for more information.