“Star Wars” vet Mark Hamill used to joke that the best thing to result from playing Luke Skywalker was that the sudden fame paved the way for him to appear on The Muppet Show.

Now OK Go has something in common with the Jedi Knight as the band hooks up with some celebs, including Kermit, Miss Piggy and Fozzie Bear, for a rendition of “The Muppet Show Theme Song.” How many references to past OK Go vids do you see?

In this next video Tom Waits takes to the Internet to complain that there’s no privacy on, well, the Internet.

Promoting his new album Bad As Me, Waits describes the vid’s scenario as a private listening party. However, Waits stops the music short, saying “We have a situation here,” and then goes on to gripe about how the ‘Net destroyed the concept of “private.”

“It’s an Internet thing where they say that it’s going to go out everywhere, into the bloodstream,” Waits says as he compares the Internet to having a birthday party where someone arrives early, eats your birthday cake and opens all of your presents.

“I’m going to have to re-think this,” Waits says in the clip. “I’ll let you know what we come up with.”

Bad As Me drops Oct. 25 on Anti-Records.