Sri Lanka Venue Reinforcements

The new National Performing Arts Theatre, set to open in Colombo, Sri Lanka, in October, is being called one of the most advanced auditoriums in Asia.

With a seating capacity of 1,288, the venue is considered state-of-the-art for all performing arts, from symphony orchestras to full-on ballets and operas.

It was designed by Chinese architects. In fact, it was a gift from China, valued at Rs3.08 billion ($481 million), and all the materials were shipped from China.

The theatre will be operated by the Sri Lankan military. In a recent article in the Sunday Times of Sri Lanka, a reporter is given a grand tour of the finished structure by Lieutenant-Colonel Wishwajith Vidyananda of the Sri Lankan army, who is in charge of administration.

He mentioned that a number of international artists who have inspected the theater were very impressed.

“They say it’s as good as anything you will find in a lot of Western countries,” he said, “and a lot better than most performing arts venues in the East or Far East. The Chinese designers have incorporated features found in the best of performing arts venues in China.”

After inspecting the building, which, in addition to the main auditorium features a smaller performance space on the roof, the reporter met Col. Harendra Peiris, who is also assigned to the new performing arts center.

“You can be sure the National Theatre will be looked after with all the discipline and surveillance skills our men can bring to the job,” Peiris said.