Record-Breaking Gampel

In all its 26 years it’s never quite sold out, but Switzerland’s Open Air Gampel broke its attendance record by pulling 85,000 across four days, 3,000 up on last year’s attendance.

The site is probably large enough to hold 100,000 but talent booker Derrick Thomson from Cult Agency says the capacity is capped at 24,000 because that gives the event an affordable infrastructure and encourages fans to buy their tickets early.

The first night had 16,500 for The Offspring, followed by two sellout nights for The Chemical Brothers and Seeed, before winding up with 16,500 for Ich Und Ich.

The only problem for a relatively problem-free festival was temperatures hitting 36 degrees Centigrade (97F) , which had a few fans needing treatment for dehydration and other heat-related complaints.

“The main issue was keeping a constant supply of water available throughout the site,” Thomson explained.

The other acts helping to create a hot Gampel Aug. 18-21 included Skunk Anansie, Dropkick Murphys, Kaizers Orchestra, The Subways, Sound Of Arrows, and Guano Apes.