Madonna Bombs In Venice

There’s no shortage of hype surrounding Madonna‘s latest film directorial effort but the overall impression left by the critics is that the product doesn’t amount to much.

The Guardian really put the boot in and said “W.E.,” Madge’s take on the life of Wallis Simpson that was screened at the Venice Film Festival, is a “primped and simpering folly.”

“Her film is more risible than we had any right to expect; the turkey that dreamed it was a peacock,” it said. “What an extraordinarily silly, preening, fatally mishandled film this is.”

The Times claimed that “Madonna has made a terrific comedy, but not on purpose.”

Most of the UK papers took a similar view, although the Daily Mail said a lot of people will loathe it simply because Madonna is involved.

In the U.S., Variety was also scornful, describing the “lavish production design” as being “burdened with risible dialogue and weak performances.”

The $35 million film charting the real-life love story of American socialite Wallis Simpson and the UK’s King Edward VII, who abdicated as a result of it, is set for U.S. release in December.

The early signs are that the Weinstein Co. film studio, which last year had the best picture Oscar with “The King’s Speech,” shouldn’t be counting on Madonna to supply a follow-up success.

At the moment the American film studio looks to have a better chance with “Iron Lady,” with Meryl Streep playing British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.