Green Days

Roundhouse Entertainment’s Mick and Anthea Newton celebrated the 10th anniversary of their “A Day On The Green” franchise with a party at the Sofitel in Melbourne, Australia.

Artists, winery owners, co-promoters and publicists were flown in from around the country and abroad.

Mushroom Group chairman Michael Gudinski, who co-owns Roundhouse, hailed the concept “a revolution in the Australian industry.”

He also observed how the Newtons were one of the marriages that emerged from “the Mushroom family.”

Mick Newton thanked Gudinski, Premier Artists’ Frank Stivala and Frontier Touring co-founder Phil Jacobsen for their advice, which helped turn ADOTG from a sole Victorian winery to a success story.

It holds 40 shows a season, eight in New Zealand, ranging from 5,000 to 11,000 capacity. The brand has created four albums, three TV specials and a strong merchandise line.