Rocks Fall At Red Rocks

Seven people were injured when rocks fell on concertgoers at the Red Rocks Amphitheatre near Denver early Sunday morning.

The sudden rockfall occurred at approximately 1 a.m. Sunday morning while Sound Tribe Sector 9 was performing an encore. The rocks fell on fans sitting near the front and left side of the stage, causing head injuries and broken limbs that sent four people to the hospital according to Denver’s ABC 7 News.

At least one eyewitness report indicates rock climbers on the venue’s Creation Rock may have caused the rockfall.

“Without a doubt, I can confirm that I saw two (people wearing) T-shirts, climbing on the edge of Creation Rock,” Jeremy Hewett told the TV station.

“I think that someone (climbing on the rock) either fell and started a small rockslide, or it was intentional. Something needs to be done about people climbing around up there during shows.”

Police investigating the incident did not find anyone on Creation Rock. However, a fire official told ABC News 7 that people have climbed the venue’s rocks in the past despite signs warning against such actions.

“There’s access up there into a cave that patrons have snuck into in the past,” Lt. Brendan Finnegan of the West Metro Fire Protection district said. “People have been removed from there in the past. So, the potential is there.”

Sunday morning’s incident is believed to be the first rockfall at Red Rocks in 23 years. Local officials are planning to inspect the area today.