Most speculate that Facebook will announce a music service, in partnership with Spotify and other services – something that the new owners of MySpace will probably find very important.

Matt Rosoff of the Silicon Valley’s, however, recently connected the dots, and says a Facebook ticketing component could be one of the conference announcements. He noted that Facebook games director Sean Ryan said during an August interview the company would like to explore e-commerce such as concert ticketing.

It was around that same time that Ticketmaster announced a new feature to allow Facebook users to see where their friends were sitting in interactive seat maps.

But it appears Facebook isn’t just eyeing the big tickets, and recently inked a deal with startup MogoTix to handle ticketing for the f8 conference.

Facebook was reportedly “very interested” in MogoTix’s technology, Rosoff wrote, which allows buyers and sellers to use their mobile phones to make transactions, and ticket takers at venues to use their phones to scan in patrons.

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