Adam Sampson was charged with first-degree assault for his attack on Josh Clauson of Flowmotion during the band’s set in the festival’s beer garden Sept. 9, authorities said.

According to police reports obtained by the Seattle Times, Sampson explained he ran down a hill through blackberry bushes and hopped a barbed wire fence to get into the festival because he didn’t like the song the band was playing – “Better Luck Next Time.”

The report adds that Sampson told police he intended to cut Clauson’s throat because “[he] was singing about me and how I should die.”

Clauson was apparently able to fend off his attacker with his guitar, and suffered only minor injuries.

In a post on the band’s Facebook page, Clauson wrote “thankfully, I was leaning back and he missed. I tried to take him with my guitar and he ran. … Aside from minor scrapes and bruises all is well.”

Arresting officers found Lithium pills in Sampson’s pockets, the Times said, and he reportedly told police he’d taken the medication that day.

A judge has set Sampson’s bail at $25,000.

Here’s a clip of the song: