Rdio CEO Drew Larner said the system would be “dynamic” and tailored to each user. The free trial will come without ads.

He said most users will get more time to try out the service, while heavier users will have free listening cut short and be prompted to pay for a subscription.

Rdio offers access to more than 11 million songs for $10 a month on mobile devices and $5 a month on computers only.

Its expanded free offering comes after competitor MOG added a digital gas tank to its free service that can be filled by recommending songs to others.

It also puts Rdio more directly in competition with Spotify, another subscription music plan that offers a long free period with explicit listening caps. The free services of both MOG and Spotify will come with ads, although MOG is offering an ad-free period for the next two months.

Larner declined to comment on its integration with Facebook. The social networking site is expected to launch an expanded music offering in partnership with several licensed music services at a developers conference next Thursday.